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48-Inch Power Rake For Rent



Wired Equipment is a small business, locally owned in Decatur, Texas / Wise County.  As a proud veteran of the US Navy, David understands attention to detail, professionalism and reliability.  Thank you allowing your hard earned money to circulate within your community by renting from a local small business.


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Land Pride CSR1048 Power Rake Hydraulic Attachment for the Kubota SCL1000

Sometimes this equipment is called a “Harley Rake” which is a brand-name manufacturer.  Here are some key benefits and features of this attachment:

  • Efficient grading and leveling: The CSR1048 power rake is ideal for grading, leveling, and raking.   Apply these features in a variety of applications, such as landscaping, construction, and agricultural work.
  • Versatile use with multiple machines: The attachment is compatible with many other skid steer loaders and compact track loaders, making it a versatile tool for different machines.  If you have your own mini skid steer with the CII you can just rent this.
  • Durable construction: You will immediately notice the high-quality materials and components of this attachment.  You can expect long-lasting durability and reliable performance.
  • Ease of operation: The power rake attachment is easy to install and detach.  Operate it using the existing controls of the Kubota SCL1000 or other compatible machines.
  • Enhanced productivity: The CS1048 power rake attachment helps you complete otherwise difficult and labor-intensive tasks in a short time which could save or MAKE you money!

Expand Your Capabilities

Extend YOUR mini skid steer stand-on track loader or rent this attachment with OUR Kubota SCL1000.  The choice is yours on how you want versatility, productivity and peace of mind delivered.

Click here to see it attached to our equipment:


The Land Pride CSR1048 power rake attachment for the Kubota SCL1000 or YOUR mini skid steer stand-on track loader adds versatility to your arsenal.


Features Benefits
CII Quick-Attach Hitch Fits most compact utility loaders.
48″ (1.22 m) Working width Will cover the tracks of most compact utility loaders
Rake can be angled left or right up to 25 degrees Angling windrows large rocks and debris to one side for easy collection.  The non-floating hitch allows you to apply down pressure while raking.
Angling adjustment: 25 degrees left & right Angling allows proper flow of material to be windrowed for easy collection of large rocks and debris.
Hydraulic actuator Allows operator to change rake angle from the the operator station
Battery connect with switch wire harness option Connects to the compact utility loader battery.
3/4″ x 1 1/2″ Carbide tipped stud roller Carbide tipped studs are very tough, used in the mining industry, and offer a long life.
Adjustable gauge wheels with factory installed sealant Easy to adjust vertically to set working depth. Has tall and wide tires that keep turning in fluffy soil. Sealant helps seal against punctures.
Side wings with storage Side wings can be used to hold dirt to aid in filling low spots. Can easily store the wings on the Powered Rake so that they are always with the rake when needed.
Two material control blades Material control blades determine what size of material to let pass through the roller and what size to move to the side. Two blades allow for forward and reverse roller rotation.
Bi-directional roller Can be operated traveling forward or backward.
Variable roller speed
224 rpm at 10 gpm
449 rpm at 20 gpm
Variable roller speed is controlled by the compact utility loader and can be used in tight areas to lessen the possibility of flying debris
Motor guard Protects the motor and hydraulic fittings from wear caused by running in the dirt.
End bearing cover Protects the roller bearing from wear and dirt invasion.

See it in action here:


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