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Barreto 20RTK Trencher – 36-inch boom and 6-inch multipurpose digging chain.

Wired Equipment is a small business, locally owned in Decatur, Texas / Wise County.  As a proud veteran of the US Navy, David understands attention to detail, professionalism and reliability.  Thank you allowing your hard earned money to circulate within your community by renting from a local small business.

Barreto 20RTK Trencher

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This Barreto 20RTK Trencher for Rent in Decatur Texas TX features a “ride-on” fixed operator platform and an electric-start Honda GX630 20hp engine.  The 36-inch boom will dig a trench about 32-inches deep and 6-inches wide.  The tracks are 7-inches wide wide create 241 square inches of footprint on each side of the machine to help reduce turf damage around the dig site. The tracks also provide outstanding traction on wet soil, clay, sand or steep terrain while softening the impact on any existing landscaping. The tracks absorb most of the impact caused by rocks, roots, or other obstructions in the soil. The RTK features a weight advantage that improves traction, reduces impact on the operator, and provides stability, especially over wheeled models.  Operator experience is the center of the design and execution of this piece of equipment.  We are sure you will find the unit very simple to operate and produce the desired results in a small amount of time.  You can geek-out more here: Barreto RTK Track Series Trenchers


  • Engine: Electric-start 20HP Honda GX630 twin
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel capacity: 5 gallons
  • Weight: 1,690 lbs.
  • Height: 56.2″
  • Length: 108″
  • Width: 35.5″
  • Track Width: 7.1″
  • Total Ground Contact: 470 sq. in.
  • Hydraulic Reservoir: 14 gallons
  • Ground Drive Forward: 210 ft/min
  • Ground Drive Reverse: 90 ft/min
  • Digging Chain Speed: 270 ft/min
  • Chain Width: 6″
  • Location: Decatur Texas

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