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Earth Moving Equipment

If you’re digging, grading, or trenching, you need Earth Moving Equipment, like compact excavators and trenchers. Wired Equipment Inc. helps to keep your project on track and on budget.

Carpentry Equipment

Wired Equipment Inc. takes the hassle out of your rental experience by providing only high-quality and well maintained carpentry tools and equipment. Our available inventory will ensure you can focus on your project and not on the reliability of the equipment. Bring your woodworking or carpentry project vision to life with Wired Equipment!

Home DIY Tools

Tackling home improvement projects? Wired Equipment Inc. has you covered with our curated Home DIY tools. From mixing concrete with our efficient cement mixers to securing loads with binders and chains, our tools make DIY tasks a breeze. With reliable equipment like demolition hammers, ladders, laser levels, and utility trailers, we empower your creativity.


Wired Equipment is the local spot for construction and carpentry equipment rental in Wise County, Decatur, Texas. We have the essential tools and machinery you need; WE help your project succeed. Call us NOW at (940) 202-8413 to check the availability of the equipment you need.

Mission and Purpose

Wired Equipment Inc. is dedicated to providing clean, modern, high-quality, and reliable tools and equipment to those who need to produce professional results in their landscape, home improvement, and excavation projects.

Our Online Equipment Rental Process

1. Rent Equipment

Pick your Equipment and

Choose the right equipment for your job then go through the check-out process on our website here. Choose all the options you need for any particular piece, choose the optional “Damage Protection” plan and sign the agreement. We’ll follow up with a phone call shortly after receiving your rental request to confirm all the information you provided.

2. Receive and Use the Equipment

Use the Equipment at
Your Site

Our driver will send you a text message when they are inbound to your location. You will receive one more text when they are about 5 minutes away. Be ready to receive the equipment. Hydraulic equipment will arrive on a trailer. Be sure to have the area around your jobsite cleared so the driver can safely maneuver and drop off the equipment. The driver will take photos of the gear at your job site, offer to demonstrate the safe operation of the unit and give you the “Delivery Card” the unit you rented.

3. Be Ready for Pickup of the Equipment

We Pick-up the Equipment
for You!

Your rental period will end on the hour that your delivery was performed. Make sure the equipment is clean, the fuel tank is full and is accessible to our driver. The driver will again take photos of the equipment, answer any questions you have, ask you to sign the “pick-up form”. Don’t forget to leave us a review on our Google My Business page. The QR code is on the “Delivery Card” so you can scan it with your mobile phone and do that before you forget!

Rental Terms and Policies Overview:
Ensuring a Seamless Experience

Reliable Equipment Assurance:

If our equipment breaks during your rental, you won’t pay for the remainder of the agreed rental period. Simply document the issue with photos, give us a call, and we’ll guide you through the process. Damage due to negligence may incur fees, but most damage is covered under our “Damage Protection” option. Head over to our website to learn more about our Rental Agreement

Renting Made Easy:

For DIY users, a government-issued photo ID and upfront payment are all you need. Business and Contractor rentals require an additional certificate of insurance. No deposits are required.

Flexible Rental Periods:

Need the equipment longer? Contact us. Our equipment is in very high demand so extended requests are subject to availability. We can also assist in sourcing similar equipment from other providers.

Free Hydraulic Equipment Delivery:

Enjoy free delivery for all hydraulic equipment! Other items can be delivered in-town for a disclosed nominal fee during the online checkout process.

Fuel and Cleaning Policies:

Return the equipment with as much fuel as it had when you received it. Cleaning fees apply if the equipment is returned excessively dirty. We believe in providing clean equipment for a better user experience.

Multiple Payment Options:

We accept cash, personal/business checks, Zelle, and even Bitcoin for your convenience.

Transparent Pricing:

Know what you’re paying for – base rental fee, optional “Damage Protection” plan, taxes, and delivery fees if applicable.

Equipment Demonstration:

We’re happy to demonstrate proper and safe equipment usage. Knowledge is key to a successful rental experience.

Insurance Requirements:

Home and DIY renters don’t need insurance. If you’re a business or contractor we require a certificate of insurance.

Why Wired Equipment Inc.?

We pride ourselves on high-touch, responsive service. Clean, dependable, and modern equipment is what we deliver. As the “new kid on the block,” we’re committed to earning your trust and business through a consultative relationship with you. Discover the Wired Equipment difference!

Quality DIY Equipment & Tools

At Wired Equipment, we take pride in offering a carefully curated range of DIY construction and carpentry rental options. Don’t see what you need on our site? Please let us know so we can help you find the place to get it.

Expert Maintenance

Our commitment to regular maintenance means you can rely on Wired Equipment Inc. for top-notch, well-maintained tools and equipment, reducing the risk of breakdowns during critical project phases.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Enjoy significant cost savings by renting high-quality tools only when you need them, eliminating the need for expensive purchases.

Flexible Rental Periods

Tailor your rental duration to match your project timeline, providing the flexibility to extend or shorten the rental period based on your evolving needs.

At Wired Equipment, we’re more than just a rental service; we’re your partner in success. Explore our range of tools and equipment, and let’s make your project a reality. 

Contact us today at (940) 202-8413 to experience the Wired Equipment difference!

Customer Reviews

Dennis Sewel
Dennis Sewel
Irrigation Specialist
Read More
I can’t say enough how easy and convenient it is renting from Wired Equipment. The communication from day one is top notch and the delivery of the trencher made my job a lot easier. Definitely will be renting again with Wired!
Home Owner
Read More
We used Wired Equipment for a couple of small projects in our backyard. The mini skid steer saved us a ton of labor and was very maneuverable for the tight spaces. The skid steer was clean and in excellent condition and Dave (the owner) gave great guidance and instruction. Good to do business with!
Lori Batchelor
Lori Batchelor
Home Owner
Read More
We had a great experience with Wired Equipment and David Dennen. We needed a trailer to rent unexpectedly. When we started looking into the recommended areas of the community there was nothing available. So we did a Google search for trailer rental and found Wired Equipment. We were especially attracted to the business because it was Veteran owned 🤩🇺🇸. When we called David he was able to meet our needs immediately despite having the equipment booked. He was very kind, helpful and a delightful person to work with. I highly recommend Wired Equipment and will be sharing David’s contact with my friends and associates for their needs. Thanks ‘Dave’ we appreciate your help. You were our hero today. L Batchelor
Cortney Cole
Cortney Cole
Home Owner
Read More
Piece of Mind Plumbing
Piece of Mind Plumbing
Master Plumber
Read More
Great company, Nice clean equipment, great prices they even deliver great all around will definitely be the only company we use from now on!!!!!!
david lowe
david lowe
Read More
Friendly service. Equipment in great condition. Very flexible with pick up and drop off times. Highly recommend. Will use again when needed. Thanks Dave.
Brandy H
Brandy H
Home Owner
Read More
Thank you so much, Dave!! I love this machine. It was so easy to work with in order to help start the beginning of our new home. I would definitely recommend Wired Equipment. Family owned and operated. The owner was very nice to us.
Chuck Morris
Chuck Morris
Home Owner
Read More
I just had one of the best experiences with a new company I have ever had. The owner helped me feel comfortable operating the equipment, which was delivered to me new and clean. I had numerous questions before and after renting the mini skid steer, and the owner was very professional and highly responsive. Very reasonable prices, too.
David Collins
David Collins
Home Owner
Read More
Top notch equipment. Service was exceptional will be doing more Rentals.

Most Common Equipment Rental FAQs

Wired Equipment is open Monday through Saturday, 7am to 5pm. We are closed on Sunday. We do not initiate outbound deliveries after 4:00pm.

If our equipment breaks during your rental period, you will not pay for the remainder of the agreed-upon rental period.

Please take photos of any damage to document the event and give us a call so we can arrange next steps. If you prepaid a multiple day rental, you will be refunded the prorated amount of the unused rental period. Wired Equipment may ask to discuss the nature of the damage and may impose fees for any damage deemed to be caused by abuse or non-traditional use of the equipment. Damage due to negligence or non-traditional use of the equipment will always impose fees and charges due. Most other damage is covered under the “Damage Protection” option if you paid for that during the check-out on our website. Wired Equipment will also work with you, if you choose, to source another piece of like-equipment for additional fees.

Broken equipment at the job site is infrequent and inconvenient for everybody, but it does happen and is impossible to predict or prevent. All of our equipment is serviced by professionals and is closely inspected after each rental intake. Issues are identified, logged and remediated so that they are minimized during your rental period. We appreciate your open dialog with us as we work together to solve any problems that arise due to equipment failure.

You can get more information about the Damage Protection option here and read more about it in our Rental Agreement here.

For DIY users, all you need is a government-issued photo ID and payment for the rental upfront. No extra deposit is required. Business and Contractor rentals require both ID and prepayment in addition to a certificate of insurance from your insurance liability carrier showing Wired Equipment Inc. as a loss-payee. Wired Equipment Inc. does not provide or resell any type of insurance products.
Give us a call or send an email. Let us know how much longer you need it and we’ll figure it out from there. Sometimes equipment is reserved in advance based on the utilization periods and your request for extended use may be denied if there is a conflict with prior bookings. At your option, we can work with you to source another piece of like-equipment from another provider for additional fees and charges.

Delivery is free for all hydraulic equipment! Any other equipment can be delivered “in town” for a nominal fee that is disclosed for each item before the check-out process on our website.

We need a way to pursue our contractual options and to guarantee the safe return of our valuable equipment. Keeping a copy of your ID on file during the rental period provides those options to us. We wish to build a relationship with you based on trust. Trust is earned and we hope you feel the same way.

Wired Equipment prides itself with service that is very high-touch and highly responsive. We only deliver clean, high-quality, dependable and modern equipment. We want to be a part of the solution to your problem and we’ll do whatever it takes to earn your business through a knowledgeable and consultative relationship with you. We are also the “new kid on the block” so we know we have to be on our toes. We won’t let apathy or entitlement creep into our business and service delivery processes.

As long as you need it. Generally, if there are no reserved bookings immediately after your initial rental period, we’ll just extend your rental. If you do need it longer than originally agreed, we may ask you to prepay that extended rental period. Just give us a call and we’ll make it right for you.

Do return the equipment full of fuel. That’s how we provided it to you. Fuel charges are addressed in our (ADD LINK HERE->>>) Rental Agreement and you have to explicitly acknowledge the fuel policy before you can complete the check-out. Fuel will be charged at 200% of the posted rate at the closest fuel station to Wired Equipment. We’ll try to square up with you at time of pick-up or return and we’ll attempt to estimate the amount of consumed fuel either by calculating consumption based on engine hours elapsed, or by visual inspection of the fuel tank itself. Otherwise you will be charged for the actual amount of fuel that we pump into the tank.

Yes you will. One of our tenets is to provide CLEAN equipment to you at the beginning of your rental period. We believe that if you see how much we care about the quality and condition of our equipment, you will treat the equipment with respect as if it was your own. We want to make it very clear that your user experience with our equipment is the number one driving factor that separates us from our competition. Clean equipment is safer and lasts longer. However, we do NOT expect you to return the equipment as clean as we delivered it to you. Our intake process includes a thorough cleaning of all equipment. Cleaning takes time and time is money. If it takes us longer than about 30 minutes to power-wash returned equipment we will charge you a fee of up to $50. “Clean” is rather subjective and we promise to be fair.

Right now we accept cash, personal or business checks, Zelle and Bitcoin.
You will see fees for the optional “Damage Protection” plan if you opted in. Taxes will always be there. If the item you rented is not hydraulic and you opted for delivery, you will see the delivery fee on the invoice as well.

Yes. We appreciate you asking. Understanding the proper and safe manner of operation of the equipment will give you a better user experience and increase the probability that you will return the equipment undamaged.

Home and DIY customers do not need to provide insurance. Business and Contractor rentals require a certificate of insurance from your insurance liability carrier showing Wired Equipment Inc. as a loss-payee. Wired Equipment Inc. does not provide or resell any type of insurance products.