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Equipment Rental for the Plumber, Electrician, Handyman, Landscaper and Trade Pro

Supplemental Equipment That Preserves Your Profit Margins

Why You Need a Local Supplemental Equipment Partner:
  • Your equipment may fail on the job.
  • You may need other pieces of equipment that you don’t have.
  • Transport liability may be greater than the cost to rent local to the job site.

Wired Equipment Inc. is a local business that supports local businesses! 
You are a proud plumber, electrician, handyman, landscaper or trade professional.
Our equipment rental service maximizes results to your customer because we only rent out top-notch machinery and deliver it to your job site. 

Benefits of our rental services:
  • Enjoy hassle-free use and return policies
  • No transport liability
  • Repeat-use discount programs


Reliabilty and Dependability at the Core

Reliable Gear

You need the gear to the work.  You customer expects promised results.  Use our reliable equipment to realize those objectives.

Swift Turn-Around

Need our stuff fast?  We can  swiftly deploy a trencher, compact excavator or a mini skid steer from our Decatur home-base.  Keep your focus on serving your customers and minimize disruption to your project while we handle the delivery and pickup.

Local Commitment

We’re more than just a business; we’re a servant of our local community. Wired Equipment Inc. is deeply rooted in supporting businesses like yours. You can rely on us for personalized service and unwavering support tailored to your unique needs.

We are a local business that supports local businesses!


Buried Water and Sewer Projects

You need to excavate in tight outdoor spaces to expose damaged water and sewer lines below grade.  A new water connection to a detached workshop needs placing. Wired Equipment has the compact hydraulic gear you need to safely and accurately turn the project around quickly.  


New Below-Grade Installation

You need to place electrical lines for a customer’s new structure.  Wired Equipment has the gear you need to dig that trench and get those lines in fast!  If you are working near existing buried utilities, our compact excavator has the small footprint you need to effectively maneuver without disruption or damage to existing structures or placements. Make you customer happy faster!


Living Plants - Artistic Results

You are a creative!  Your finished product represents your passion for high-quality results!  Make your customer happy faster and get those results with less effort.  Confidently power-rake that difficult soil base.  Quickly unload and shift materials around the site.  Efficiently finish-grade your top-soils.  Our hydraulic power rake, pallet forks and bucket attachments will make quick work of a big job!

The Handyman

Get the Job Done Right

You are often the backbone of the construction project.  Your eye for detail is your craft.  Your results are your reputation.  Wired Equipment will help you deliver that vision by providing quality and highly-reliable compact hydraulic gear to get that slab prepped, that trench dug and that material moved!  Take on that bigger than normal project!  Make more money!  Depend on Wired Equipment Inc.

Results Delivered!
Rent This Quality Gear!

Earth Moving Equipment

Compact hydraulic equipment is at the center of our service offering.  Take on that bigger than usual project with our precision machines.  Rent a Compact Excavator, a Mini-Skid Steer or a Powerful Trencher to get quick results.

Carpentry Equipment

Rent a table saw or a chop saw and have it delivered.  Wired Equipment has them both!  Get the professional results you need and enjoy the peace-of-mind that it will perform to the end!

Lawnmower - Front - Wired Equipment - (940) 202-8413

Home DIY

Is your push-mower broken or in the repair shop?  Grab our powerful rear-drive lawnmower!  Need to mix a few bags of concrete or mortar for that accent hardscape project?  Rent our 1-Bag Mixer! Gotta get rid of that old block wall or stick-frame?  Rent our Demolition Hammer!  We are proud of our curated tools that help you get the results you need for the projects around the house.

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