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Tooth Bucket For Rent In Decatur


36-Inch Toothed Bucket.

It’s great for breaking virgin soil or loading loose materials.  Fits Kubota SCL1000 Mini Skid Steer Stand-on Track Loader or other mini track loaders utility loaders that use the Common Industry Interface (CII) for attachments.


Wired Equipment is a small business, locally owned in Decatur, Texas / Wise County.  As a proud veteran of the US Navy, David understands attention to detail, professionalism and reliability.  Thank you allowing your hard earned money to circulate within your community by renting from a local small business.


Passive Compact Loader Attachments

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The Kubota 36-inch tooth bucket for the SCL1000 is an essential attachment for your compact loader.

This bucket is designed meet the challenges of landscaping, construction, and agriculture projects. Its 36-inch width allows for efficient material handling, while the heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting use. The bucket features a tough, wear-resistant cutting edge and a robust design that makes for efficient loading and unloading of materials.

The quick-attach system makes it easy to connect and disconnect the buckets, saving you time and effort.

This toothed bucket is ideal for digging into virgin soil.  It would not be a first choice for grading.

Here is what it looks like attached to our equipment:


See it in action!



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